Our Mission

The traditional home selling process has always been overly complicated and expensive. Between commissions for realtors, listing fees, and staging your home for buyers, you as a homeowner can lose a lot of money in the process. We help the community by purchasing unwanted or distressed houses, then selling homes creatively and efficiently to the general public. By working with Karmaic, you help us in our overall mission of providing affordable housing to the general public.

Good Deeds Yield Good Solutions

Why Choose Us?

Our Service

Our goal is to help those in need and to help our community. We serve our community by providing housing solutions. Below you’ll find a few of the solutions we offer.

  • Purchasing unwanted or distressed housing.
  • Selling homes creatively and efficiently to the general public.
  • Offering affordable renting of apartments and homes.
  • Providing options to homeowners to avoid foreclosure.

Home Solutions Specialists

Our goal is to understand your housing problem and present you with good solutions. Once you contact us, our team will respond within 24 hours.  After speaking with you and understanding your problem, we will present you with solutions based on the criteria you’ve given.  You will have the option of choosing which solution that works best for your situation.  We will then proceed to drawing up an agreement to execute the purchase of your home followed by a title search and closing.  In most cases, we can close in 30 days and provide you with CASH.

How We’ve Helped Our Customers

Vacant house / Vandalism:

An owner called wanting to sell his house. He had recently purchased another house, and he didn’t want to leave the old house vacant. He contacted our company and after a brief conversation, we decided to view the property. After viewing the property, we made the owner an offer that he accepted. We met and signed the agreement, sent it to the settlement company and closed within 3 weeks which provided the owner with $5,000 cash after closing.

Behind on her payments / foreclosure

An owner called to ask us if there was anything that we could do to help her. She was 5 months behind on her house payments, and she didn’t have the money to bring her arrearages current. After listening carefully to the information that she provided, we were able to give up cash up front, provided her with temporary housing along with cash to get a new apartment and purchase her home.

Out of town owner housing problem:

A college professor called us with a vacant house that was located about an hour from his current location. He was paying taxes on the property, but he no longer wanted the expense or the fear of vandalism. After speaking with him about the situations, we presented him with a cash offer and closed in 30 days.

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